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F.A. GIORI 1911

Brass Foundry Mechanical Processing

The company F. A. GIORI was founded in 1911 by Francesco Angelo Giori as faucets with brass foundry and developed over the years thanks to its flexibility and ability to grasp the technological innovations necessary for the evolution of the company.
The hundred-year history of our Company dates four deserve to be remembered.
1924 to the sand casting is combined melting in the shell which allows the realization of more precise articles and finished.

Surely between the first foundries in Italy he has introduced in 1939 the die casting for the production of their brass articles by replacing the technique of casting by gravity used until then.

also for third account since 1975 as a foundry work and offers, thanks to its own technical department, a consultancy for the design of the molds and to request an optimization of parts to be produced from the practical point of view foundry.

In 2010 it was commissioned a photovoltaic system whose energy production covers the 70/75% of our needs.

The decision to install photovoltaic panels to supply energy came primarily from our ecological sensitivity and not according to the energy saving that is true particularly at the manufacturing level.

The characteristics that all these years have marked the F. A. GIORI were: professionalism, competence and punctuality, a commitment by which the company is now in its third generation of family.


After more than seventy years in the field of brass casting and the variety of items produced can be said to have acquired a knowledge of issues related to the merger that enables us to produce ever more complex and qualitatively fulfill compliance requirements.

We have developed a significant experience in hydraulics branch and more particularly in the field of fittings, bodies and impellers for pumps, counters for water, radiator valves and single-pipe valves, drains of scaricocomplete of ring nut for stainless steel sinks and dishwashers .
Another important sector is the one of the handles and accessories for doors and windows including all of its components such as levers, latches and mounting brackets. Also in the field of aesthetic items we produce components for lamps and handles for furniture.


Upon completion of services to their customers we have equipped a mechanical machining department with lathes, drills, transfer and a business center for the most complex designs.

Vibration, sandblasting and deburring the castings are a first step of finishing but can be performed at the request of the satin finish machining and polishing of the details for a possible final galvanic treatment.

Our production flexibility allows us to study the project and elaborate the evolution up to bring it to completion depending on the specific needs of the customer.

We maintain high quality standards in both prototypes and small series production in large volumes. The quality of materials, the quickness in response and on-time delivery are the guarantee of our business continuity.


VMW Venetian MetalWorking Group


Hannover Messe-Germania 19 – 23 Aprile 2010


We are in Volpago del Montello (Treviso), in Via L. Pastro, 106. Telefono 0423 620117. E-mail: info@fagiori.it